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Is my dog normal?

These 5 behaviours exhibited by dogs may or may not signal trouble.   Tail-chasing – It’s perfectly normal for puppies to chase their tails; it’s their way of getting to know their bodies. But if this persists into adulthood, you may need to consult a vet and behaviourist. Crotch-sniffing – It’s also perfectly normal for…

Should I kiss my dog?

We love our dogs, of course we do, but do we think about how safe it is for both them and us when we lock lips with them?   Here are some things to consider before you smooch your pooch.   What has Fido been doing? Before you lean in to give Fido a peck…

What is my dog telling me?

  Dog owners have probably asked themselves this question a millions times. If our dogs could speak in our language, what exactly would they be saying? Thankfully, Fido doesn’t need to speak English or Mandarin to let us know what he’s feeling or thinking; all we need to do is learn how to read his…

Why does my cat have whiskers?

  If you’ve ever wondered what Kitty’s whiskers were for, here’s the answer: each individual whisker is actually a way for your cat to sense her surroundings. In other words, whiskers are a cat’s GPS.   How do they work?   Each whisker is filled with extra-sensitive nerves that help Kitty judge distance and space….