About Roots Technologies

Roots is a private limited company engaged in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of a wide range of the finest natural products for pets, including cats, dogs, small animals, birds, and fish.

Formed in 1997, Roots is Singapore’s pioneer in marketing a complete range of nutraceutical supplements, homeopathy remedies, bach flowers essences, and Dr Schuessler tissue salts.

Our History

Roots Technologies began its operations as a biological products specialist and solutions provider for organic wastes treatment and related odour problems. Our core business covers the Industrial, Commercial, and Residential sectors.

During our company’s earlier years, we also embarked on the manufacture of a range of biological products for the pet industry. Under our registered trademark ‘Bio-chum’, Roots marketed two biological and enzymatic products called Bio-chum Stain & Odor Remover and Bio-chum Pet Deodorizer.

Soon after, at the height of the rapid exponential growth of Singapore’s pet industry, a dedicated pet division was formed. Through the years, Roots gained even stronger market presence by developing truly unique products, including herbal fur tonic, herbal shampoo and conditioner, and herbal ear cleanser.

We also established ourselves as a one-stop leading edge supplier by sourcing out and negotiating distributorships for the finest, natural and wholesome products.

Our Vision

Our Motto

When Only The Best Will Do

- Roots Technologies

Our Mission

To become an excellent products and services provider by offering Clients quality and results-oriented products and services at all times while ensuring them that they will experience and find complete satisfaction and enjoyment in all our products and services. To manufacture and represent premium, wholesome, effective, and the finest natural products for our companion animals for the betterment of their lives and the people who love them. To be a people-oriented organisation that caters to the needs and career development of its employees while instilling in them the highest code of professionalism expected of the profession.

Our Philosophy

Our company ethos is to provide the finest natural products for animals that are safe for all pet handlers, our Clients and their Families, and the Environment. It is our pledge that we will consistently and continually make your satisfaction a natural experience.

Product Line

Our comprehensive product line includes a full range of pet healthcare items, dehydrated raw foods, medical treats, herbal remedies, herbal shampoos, leather collars and leads, premium toys, training chains, and pet hygiene products.

Premium Pet Toys
Pet Healthcare
Premium Pet Food

Our Family

One of Roots’ philosophies is that all employees at all levels must be personally involved in the progress of the business, and that everyone must relate their income, job security, and prospects for advancement directly to the company’s success. Roots is committed to employing and empowering the best people by offering the best employment terms, conditions and security that will motivate such talents to always perform at their personal best.

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