Adopting a bio-technology technique which uses a combination of specially selected bacteria and enzymes to digest unwanted organic waste and materials.

Helps to effectively remove and reduce stubborn stain and odor caused by organic waste (Urine / Facal matter/ Blood etc).

Environmental friendly
No harsh chemicals/ dangerous toxins

Safe for pets and humans.
Bacteria used are non-pathogenic (harmless).

In the past, removal of organic waste and material were done primarily by chemical means. The harsh chemicals will remove and carry the organic material to larger bodies of water which causes threat to the environment such as pollution. Prolonged usage of detergents which contains high level of chemicals in households also affects the health and well-being of the users and their pets.
In order the solve the problem without causing harm to the environment, we adopted a biotechnological process calls BIO-AUGMENTATION
where high concentration of specially selected natural bacteria are added to unwanted organic waste/material so as to remove the source of stain and odor problem by increasing the efficiency of bacterial digestion.

Did you know…

Most bacteria do little or no harm, while many are positively useful to man. They are used to:

  • Produce antibiotics
  • Provide enzymes for “biological washing”
  • Microbial insecticides (protecting crops from insect pests)
  • Food production such as butter, cheese, vinegar and coffee, etc.

Bio-chum’s bacteria are carefully studied and chosen because they are:

Safe and stable

Non-pathogenic, non-toxic

Able to digest wide variety of organic materials

Facultative (Able to grow with or without oxygen)

Able to produce large amount of enzymes to expedite the carbon process

Certified free of salmonella

USDA authorized

How does the product work

Our Range of Products

Bio-active Stain & Odor Remover

Scientifically formulated to effectively removes stains and odors in both household, auto carpets and upholstery. Bio-active stain & Odor Remove removes urine, blood, vomit, faecal matter, other organic stains and odors. Does not contain harsh chemicals and dangerous toxins. Environmentally safe.

Perfect for :
Household, Kennels, Dog Houses, Patios, Veterinarian Clinics.

Bio-active Kennel & Run Wash

Bio-active Kennel & Run Wash is a one-step system for cleaning and eliminating the source of odors while maintaining drain and plumbing lines. It is the biological solution – easy to use and time saving. It cleans, refreshes, maintains plumbing lines, and deodorises by destroying the source of bad odours. A fresh and sanitized area awaits every animal with Bio-active Kennel & Run Wash.

Perfect for :
Veterinarian Offices, Animal shelters, Boarding kennels, Pet stores, Grooming centre, Floors & walls, and Homes

General Odor Controller

Bio-Chum’s General Odor Controller helps to effectively remove the source of bad odors without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals. It composed of billions of beneficial bacteria which produces powerful enzymes that break down organic waste and thus removing the source of odor. The General Odor Controller is bio-degradable and safe to use.

Perfect for :
Bathrooms, Kitchens, Garbage bins/ Chutes and Carpets

Bio Plumber Build-Up Remover Drain Cleaner

Bio Plumber Build-up Remover Drain Cleaner is specially formulated to remove tough build-ups in drains and pipes. With a proven blend of bacteria and enzymes that cling to pipes and eats up the gunk (e,g soap, hair and grease) it leaves the entire plumbing system clog free and a hint of spring mint scent.

Perfect for :
Drains and pipes
Kitchen Sinks, bathroom drains and household waste-lines