Is my dog feeling cold?

Most people assume that dogs are fully protected from the cold because of their fur coats. The truth is, dogs can suffer from colds just like humans do. Whether indoors or outdoors, it is important to keep your dog sufficiently warm for its own health and safety. So how can we tell if our dogs…

Does my cat feel bored?

Cats are independent and curious in nature. They generally won’t mind being alone during the day, and often show affection once their owners return home. As a cat parent, you might have asked yourself: Does my cat get bored at home, especially when we are away and no one else is around? The most important…

Resource Guarding In Dogs

Resource guarding is a common behaviour found in many dogs. It is where a dog uses avoidance, threatening, or aggressive behaviours to retain control of food or other items in front of a person or another dog. This behaviour is also called possessive aggression, and any dog breeds can be equally affected by it. Aggressive…

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