Why is my dog drooling?

It is perfectly normal for dogs to drool occasionally, it is an expected part of dog ownership! Naturally, some breeds with prominent jowls such as Saint Bernards and English Bulldogs tend to drool more than others. Dog parents often worry about their dogs’ drooling behaviour, and if you are concerned, you are not alone. Thankfully,…

How Often Should We Brush Our Dogs?

Grooming our dogs is an essential part of caring for them. Every dog is unique, and so are the individual grooming needs of each dog. Generally, short-haired dogs have fewer grooming needs compared to long-haired dogs, but how often dogs need their hair brushed, trimmed, and washed are dependent on the length, texture and density…

Is my dog feeling cold?

Most people assume that dogs are fully protected from the cold because of their fur coats. The truth is, dogs can suffer from colds just like humans do. Whether indoors or outdoors, it is important to keep your dog sufficiently warm for its own health and safety. So how can we tell if our dogs…

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