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Why choose dehydrated food?

Why feed your pet dehydrated food

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, then you must’ve come to a conclusion about the different diets available for our furballs here in Singapore. If you need further convincing that a dehydrated diet is best for your pet, here are 5 reasons why.


#1 It’s a good go-between choice for Fido

If you want to avoid overly-synthetic foods like kibble and canned wet food, but don’t want to run the risk of accidentally poisoning your four-legged friend by feeding raw, then it’s quite obvious the dehydrated food is your best choice. The moment you re-hydrate the food, it becomes biologically appropriate food with about 70% water (unless you want to add more).


#2 It’s a great transitionary food

If you’re doing research on the type of diets for Fido, we’re guessing you’re looking to change his diet. Since dehydrated food is such a good go-between diet, it makes to use it – especially if you don’t want to put your pet on true raw or canned diets.


#3 It’s biologically appropriate

Feeding raw, kibble and canned food may not give your pet the nutritional balance he or she needs in a daily diet, sans supplements. Feeding dehydrated food like The Honest Kitchen however, can assure you that what your pets are eating is minimally processed, has a high moisture content (when served), made with rich, human-grade, whole foods and is just as convenient as scooping kibble or opening a can. The Honest Kitchen has a range of dehydrated products that encompass every life stage and even has meatless base mixes for owners who want to prepare their own protein sources at home.


#4 It’s simpler than home cooking


Of course, there are benefits to home cooking your pets’ meals. You’d have control over every ingredient – from where it was bought to how it is prepared – but it is also time consuming and can be tedious to ensure that your pet gets all the right nutrients in his or her meal. Dehydrated foods like The Honest Kitchen are essentially like a homemade meal, made easy. All you need to do is add water!


#5 It’s a healthier choice

Alright, we said it. Dehydrated foods are a healthier choice of food for your pets because dehydration only removes moisture from the ingredients. On the other hand, kibble and canned food use by-products which are put through high heat and a strenuous cooking process that eliminates most, if not all, of the nutrients. Both kibble and canned food also contain chemicals that can deplete an animal’s immune system and cause them to be more susceptible to longterm health problems. Sugars, salts and preservatives are also added to kibble and canned foods, whereas it is au natural in dehydrated food.