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No more “Cone of Shame”

No more “Cone of Shame”


As pet parents, we all know how uncomfortable it is for our furry friends to be wearing the Elizabethan collar aka e-collar. While our furkids are recovering from surgery or an illness that requires the e-collar, they’re already in much discomfort. With the traditional e-collar, they often run into issues like bumping into furniture, not being able to drink water or eat from their bowls. Despite looking comical or cute, it probably isn’t very comfortable.


Novaguard – Advanced wound protection for dogs


Made of polypropylene, Novaguards are durable and very easy to clean. Novaguards are also moulded closely to a dog’s face shape and has a much smaller circumference compared to a traditional e-collar – this allows for maximum movement even in narrow passageways.


Polypropylene is a clear plastic material, and this allows your dog to see clearly through the guard, it also affords full vision from the sides. In addition, it is created so that your dog’s ears stay outside of the mask, instead of within, allowing them to hear clearly without echoes (and it also enables them to scratch their ears too).


Novaguards are also extremely lightweight and this ensures more freedom to move or play even while recuperating.

Novaguard, full range

How to choose your dog’s Novaguard

When fitting your dog’s Novaguard, make sure the neck collar is fastened firmly. Depending on your dog’s temperament, you can choose to loosen the collar slightly after Fido has gotten used to it.


Step 1: Locate the mid-point

Run an imaginary line from behind one ear, up and across the dog’s head to the back of the other ear. The mid-point is located at the centre of this line.


Step 2: Establish the head measurement

Measure the straight-line distance from the mid-point to the nose tip. Do not follow the contours of the face.


Step 3: Final sizing

novaguard size chart


You may find that you have two different sizes according to the two charts – this is because dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Simply pick the smaller size – it is always better to size down when in doubt.