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Does my cat feel bored?

Cats are independent and curious in nature. They generally won’t mind being alone during the day, and often show affection once their owners return home. As a cat parent, you might have asked yourself: Does my cat get bored at home, especially when we are away and no one else is around?

The most important thing you can do to prevent boredom is make sure your cat’s environment is stimulating. Just like humans, cats can get bored too. If they are not provided with an environment that provides enough mental and physical stimulation, boredom might get the best of them, resulting in unwanted and destructive behaviours. A bored cat cannot express how they’re feeling in words, but they could show signs that indicate that they may be bored.

When you notice your cat suddenly stalking and pouncing after other pets or humans they encounter, it could be because your cat is bored and is releasing pent-up energy. They could also be looking for more stimulation and  mischief by damaging furniture or anything that is within reach. They are finding ways to entertain themselves due to the lack of physical and mental stimulation indoors.

Cats spend a lot of time sleeping, but there are definitely times in the day where they are active and wants to play. If your cat seems to have a lack of interest in things they usually find fun and enjoyable before and rather choose to sleep and eat, they could be feeling bored. Their eating habits may also become extreme whereby they eat more than usual to satisfy their boredom. If you are uncertain whether this is serious or not, consider seeking advice from your vet first.

A bored cat could display repetitive behaviours such as over grooming which may cause irritation. It could become more vocal than usual.  These are similar symptoms spotted in cats who struggle from separation anxiety. Anxiety in combination with boredom can lead to destructive and aggressive behaviours.

There are countless ways to introduce activities to keep your cat stimulated. Create a window perch or have elevated platforms such as cat houses placed by the window. The ability to watch what is going on outside is a great way to create a stimulating environment. You could also set aside some daily time to pet and play with your cat while giving them your full attention. Allow them to chase a laser pointer, or entertain them with teaser or catnip toys. Periodically provide your cat with catnip as it can stimulate activity and play.

Cats love to play. Offer them enrichment or interactive toys that could keep them entertained and mentally stimulated. If you are not sure which toys will entice your cat, consider getting a variety and observe their preferences. Engage your cat with interactive and independent play. As natural hunters in the wild, you can allow them to “hunt” by strategically hiding their favourite snacks around the house for them to find.

As cat owners, we want to do our best to make sure our pets have plenty of entertainment. There are various activities that can help your cat fend off boredom. Proving your cat with a positive and enriched environment would help bring back their curiosity and zest for life.


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