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Why does my dog keep farting?

If Fido is particularly gassy, here’s why:


  1. Dogs may swallow air, and if not burped up, will likely come out as fart.


Your dog may gulp in air while eating and the air has to come out somewhere, either through burping or farting. In most cases, these farts are odourless. Gases produced by intestinal bacteria are smellier, but only a very tiny fraction of intestinal bacteria produces smelly sulphur or methane. Dogs are not built to digest plant fibres. But the bacteria in their bellies help to break down plant fibres and gas is a by-product. The bacteria are essential to good gastrointestinal health and allow dogs to utilise nutrients they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.


Also, if you have a short-nosed dog like a bulldog or pug, they’re more likely to be mouth-breathers and as a result, can swallow excessive amounts of air.


  1. Your dog may be eating too quickly.


If your dog gulps down his meals, chances are, he’s going to be swallowing a lot of air too. Use bowls that can help to slow his eating so he takes smaller and slower mouthfuls. Instead of feeding him directly, you may try stuffing his food into toys such as Classic KONG  / KONG Wobbler or feed him using Northmate interactive pet feeder and turn their meal time into a challenging game. This way, it helps to prolong their eating time as well as stimulate their minds.


Green – Northmate Interactive Pet Feeder


Wobbler-700x700 Wobbler-Easy-Fill-Graphic


KONG Wobbler

The diet your dog is on could also be a culprit; foods high in starch and carbohydrates can encourage gassiness. You could try switching to a premium diet that has more meat and protein instead (such as dehydrated raw pet food from The Honest Kitchen)– this allows for better absorption of nutrients and thus, less fart and poop. But always consult your veterinarian first.



Embark – Grain free turkey recipe



The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated pet food before adding water

  1. Your dog may have intestinal worms.


Every dog should get a broad-spectrum intestinal wormer every three months. Getting dewormed is essential to his or her intestinal health. Parasites in your dog’s belly can cause terrible digestive issues and flatulence.


Vets may recommend that your dog take pre- and probiotics to improve the bacterial flora in his or her intestines. Digestive enzymes may also aid in better and more efficient absorption of nutrients.

But most importantly, ensure that Fido gets adequate exercise. Walking for even 30-minutes a day will help with intestinal motility and release those gas pockets out into the fresh air, rather than under your covers.


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Most digestive formulae available in the market are completely comprised of digestive enzymes. Digestive Blend, a unique, multi-tiered system, contains a powerful blend of enzymes that help in the digestion of food and assimilation of nutrients. It also contains several other ingredients designed to increase the digestive capability of your pet, including a blend of herbs that are noted for their ability to stimulate gastric secretions, and a variety of other components designed to support the growth of the natural commensal bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract.

These natural ingredients also serve as a source of natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, carbohydrates, nucleotides, protein, chlorophyll and fibre.

Digestive Blend also contains Synermune colostrums, a rich source of Epidermal Growth Factor that activates the growth and differentiation of the cells lining the intestinal walls, thus increasing the absorption capacity of the small intestine.

For best results, this product should be taken with Natural Daily Multiple. It provides essential nutrients for your pet during periods of poor assimilation of nutrients from foods.

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