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How to feed The Honest Kitchen dehydrated pet food

Not sure what to do with your new box of The Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated pet food? Don’t fret, we’re going to teach you just how much to feed your dog or cat, and what you need to do before serving it to your precious pet.   #1 Find out how much your pet needs to eat a day Below are the recommended feeding guidelines for you to use as reference, the actual intake depends on the age, size and activity level of your pets and you may tweak it to suit your pet’s dietary needs. For complete dog diets (e.g Embark, Zeal, Thrive, Force):




THK-Embark-4lb-Web-600x630   Embark   THK-Force-4lb-Web-600x630 Force   THK-Thrive-4lb-Web-600x630 Thrive THK-Zeal-4lb-Web-600x630   Zeal


For base-mix dog diets (Preference):






For complete cat diets (Prowl):







#2 Hydrate the food




Measure out the recommended amount of food and warm water (not boiling), then mix. The Honest Kitchen recommends that you wait for about five minutes after mixing before serving it to your pet (but we don’t normally wait this long!). Any leftover food should be treated like fresh food and refrigerated up to 48 hours or discarded.   #3 Add Protein (for base-mix dog diet, preference) If you love cooking for your dog, then our base-mix diet is a great way to ensure that he or she gets the proper nutrition. Simply follow steps #1 and #2, and add meat! The base-mix is made with ingredients that ensure a balanced calcim:phosphorus ratio; all you need to do is add the protein of your choice.   We’ll be sharing some of our favourite recipes for The Honest Kitchen, so check back!


Image Credit: Lomo Doggies, Sasha the Little Westie