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Is it necessary for my dog to use a conditioner?

Advertisements emphasize on how human conditioner leaves our hair smooth and silky after a bath. How applicable is this when it comes to dog conditioners?

Before we dive into the world of dog conditioners, let’s talk about dog shampoo. A shampoo is important in every dogs’ shower routine. They help to take care of dirt, grime, bacteria, and parasites that can be found on their skin and coat.

However, the question is: Is it necessary for my dog to use a conditioner?

A conditioner helps to restore moisture in your dogs’ skin and coat, making his coat nice and shiny. It works great on dogs with long or double coat, itchy skin, and dogs that needs frequent shower. Young puppies generally have healthier skin and coat, thus a conditioner would be more suitable for dogs that are 6 weeks and older.

There are several benefits for using a dog conditioner.

  • Skin and Coat Repairing
    Natural oils present in your dog’s skin and coat could potentially be washed away in the process of cleaning. A conditioner steps in to nourish and repair the skin and coat of a dog.
  • Glossy and Plumber Coat
    When applying a conditioner to your dogs’ skin and coat, it settles into the hair shaft, allowing the coat to appear fuller. The nutrients found in the conditioner are transferred onto your dog, resulting in a shine that bounces off their hair shalt. Dogs whose skin and coat are well cared for, possess a natural shine.
  • Reducing Static of the Fur
    Do you realize that your dogs’ fur tends to be smoother after every conditioning session? This is because conditioners work in a way to deliver moisture to the skin and coat, thus calming the static.
  • Moisturizing Agent for Sensitive and Dry Skin
    Dogs that have itchy skin can benefit from using a conditioner. It helps to restore moisture in their skin while at the same time, washing off any irritants causing the itch.

A dog conditioner can help in many ways which a dog shampoo is unable to. It is not necessary for all dogs to use a conditioner. The usage of a dog conditioner depends on its purpose of use. If the benefits above are what you are looking for then surely your dog would need it in his/her shower routine!

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