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Is my dog normal?

These 5 behaviours exhibited by dogs may or may not signal trouble.


  1. Tail-chasing – It’s perfectly normal for puppies to chase their tails; it’s their way of getting to know their bodies. But if this persists into adulthood, you may need to consult a vet and behaviourist.
  2. Crotch-sniffing – It’s also perfectly normal for your dog to smell another dog’s butt, which may be the reason why they do that to us humans. They probably learn lots about the person with just one sniff. However, if it bothers you or your friends, obedience training may help.
  3. Scooting – If you’ve noticed Fido scoot or drag his bottom across the ground after taking a dump, that’s fine. But if scooting becomes a daily occurrence even without pooping, a trip to your vet is in order. Scooting could mean impacted anal glands, which can burst and bleed if untreated.
  4. Humping – There’s a difference if your dog is humping the furniture or if he’s humping you. Dog behaviourists say humping the furniture could be a form of stress relief, whereas humping humans is a show of dominance. Unless you like it, it’s better to attend behaviour classes to prevent such behaviour.
  5. Eating Grass – This is pretty normal, as long as they don’t overdo it. If Fido binge eats on grass, it could mean stomach problems. If he eats a lot of dirt, it could also mean a medical problem. Flag this to your vet as soon as you can.

By Charmaine Ng