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Minimising Mess at Home with Bio Chum

We love our dogs, but there’s no denying they sometimes can create such a mess in our homes, what with their poop and pee, and dragging mud or grime into the house after a romp in the park. All this bacteria can cause infections or build up toxins in your home. Thus, it’s imperative to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in your household for the wellbeing of you, your family members and your pooch as well.


Bio-active Stain & Odour Remover


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This proprietary organic formula with enzyme producing microbes is scientifically formulated to effectively removes stains and odours in both household, auto carpets and upholstery. It is specifically useful at removing urine, blood, vomit, faecal matter, other organic stains and odors. Once applied, billions of powerful bacteria aggressively attack organic waste, eliminating the source of odours. It is excellent for deodorising kennels, patio floors and dog houses. It effectively removes stains and odors in both household and auto carpets and upholstery.  It contains no harsh chemicals, no dangerous toxins and is completely safe for use and safe for the environment.

Bio-active Kennel & Run Wash

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Bio-active Kennel & Run Wash is a one-step system for cleaning and eliminating the source of odors while maintaining drain and plumbing lines. It is the biological solution – easy to use and time saving. It cleans, refreshes, maintains plumbing lines, and deodorises by destroying the source of bad odours. Animal waste and its associated odours are a common source of frustration to anyone who has to maintain kennels and runs. Odours can hide deep within tile, grout and plumbing lines, making it hard to eliminate their source.

The microbial activity of Bio-active Kennel & Run Wash penetrates porous surfaces and works deep inside plumbing to eliminate organic waste build-up and obnoxious odours. This scientifically developed product is specially formulated, providing the strongest microbial action in the industry today. With its biodegradable surfactants, fresh fragrance, and beneficial bacterial cultures, Kennel & Run Wash is the naturally effective way to combat organic waste and odour problems without using toxic and caustic chemicals. Animals will not be subjected to harmful cleaning fumes or irritating rashes.

General Odour Controller

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Bio-Chum’s General Odor Controller helps to effectively remove the source of bad odors without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals. It composed of billions of beneficial bacteria which produce powerful enzymes that break down organic waste and thus removing the source of odor. The General Odor Controller is bio-degradable and safe to use. Finding the source of obnoxious odors is critical. Many times it seems that no matter how hard you clean, decaying organic material is left behind. The result is lingering malodors. It is bio-degradable and safe to use.


Bio Plumber Build-up Remover Drain Cleaner


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Built-up gunk like soap, hair and grease inside pipes can slow drains. While other ordinary drain openers remove clogs, they flow past the built up gunk that narrows your pipes. Bio Plumber Build-up Remover contains a proven blend of bacteria and enzymes that cling to pipes that actually eat up years of this build-up, slowly working their way through the entire plumbing system. Use regularly to keep all drains and plumbing free-flowing and odor free, while preventing clogs and reducing the need for expensive plumbing services.