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Optivizor – Advanced eye and face protection for dogs

Protect your dog’s eyes and face

We all know how harmful UV rays are for human eyes but what about for our four-legged friends? Pannus is disease of the eye that affects the dog’s cornea and may result in problematic dry eyes or even blindness. Eye disorders aside, dogs recovering from eye or facial surgery could use an alternative to the Elizabethan collar or E-collar for short.


Optivizor – Advanced eye and face protection for dogs

Optivizors are made of 2mm thick, clear and soft PVC, which provides clear vision and is also durable and easy to clean. The headrest of the Optivizor has also been ergonomically designed to form around the curvature of the dog’s head to ensure greater comfort and stability. The entire unit is constructed to move as one with the dog’s head and to stay clear of the face, eyes and ears – to ensure good airflow, eliminate echoes, and move about freely.


Optivizor for Blind dogs and Special Vision dogs

Dogs without sight can still navigate their way around their environment, but with the Optivizor we can ensure that they do so without injury to their eyes and face. Optivizors are also available in a light blue tint for dogs suffering from Pannus or those requiring medical-grade protection from the sun.


How to choose an Optivizor for your dog

When fitting your dog’s Optivizor, make sure the neck collar is fastened firmly. Depending on your dog’s temperament, you can choose to loosen the collar slightly after Fido has gotten used to it.

You may find that you have two different sizes according to the two charts – this is because dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Simply pick the smaller size – it is always better to size down when in doubt.


Step 1: Locate the mid-point

Run an imaginary line from behind one ear, up and across the dog’s head to the back of the other ear. The mid-point is located at the centre of this line.


Step 2: Establish the head measurement

Measure the straight-line distance from the mid-point to the nose tip. Do not follow the contours of the face.


Step 3: Final sizing


Optivizors for Normal Snouted dogs




optivizor size chart



normal snouted dogs list


Optivizors for Short Snouted dogs


short snouted dogs list


There is a special Optivizor for dogs with short snouts. To determine your dog’s size, measure his or her head from the top of the head between the ears (mid-point), then down and around behind the jaws and back to the mid-point. Measure relatively tightly around the head to avoid oversizing.


Head Circumference (cm) Size
<34 Mini
35-38 Toy
39-43 Small
44-48 Small-Medium
49-55 Medium
56-60 Large
60+ Extra Large


Optivizors for Long Snouted dogs


long snouted dogs list

To determine the correct size for long-snouted breeds, simply use the same instructions for normal snouted dogs but use the references below.


Head Measurement (cm) Size
15-17 Small
17-20 Small-Medium
20-23 Medium


It is also available in a light blue tint for dogs suffering from Pannis or requiring medical grade 
protection from the Sun.