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Your pet is what it eats

Your Pet is what it Eats

Too often have we been told that we are what we eat; our diets can have great impact on our health and immunity. Likewise for our pets – their allergies and health problems arise mainly from the food that they eat. Ask any veterinarian and they’ll tell you that a healthier diet is the key to a long and illness-free life for your furry friend.


Why choose human grade pet food?

Human grade pet food is made from quality, fresh, chemical-free ingredients that are fit for consumption. It also means that there are absolutely no traces of by-products or waste products from the human food industry. For a clearer idea of what human grade pet food means, read this article.


Improvements to Overall Health

How many of you have dogs or cats that suffer from allergies? Many common illnesses are linked to bad diets and fresher, whole foods can really be just the change your pets need. Not because they contain a special ingredient, but simply by avoiding ingredients like fillers, preservatives and by-products can human grade pet food like The Honest Kitchen make a huge difference. Eventually, feeding your pets a quality diet might even save you money in vet bills!


Lose Weight, Gain Energy and a Gorgeous Coat

Pet obesity is a growing problem (pun intended), and while exercise is important in order to maintain proper body weight, your pet’s diet plays a big part too. What The Honest Kitchen prides itself on is providing your dogs and cats with a biologically appropriate diet. We completely avoid using sugary, refined carbohydrates so pets will naturally slim down to just the right size. Kibble, on the other hand, contains plenty of these refined starches and they have been linked with increasing incidence of pet obesity, diabetes and irritable bowels.

On top of that, The Honest Kitchen food also needs to be re-hydrated and this means your pet gets the moisture he needs. Loads of problems come from not getting enough water, such as urinary tract infections and bloat.


You’ll also notice that when your pet feels good on the inside, he’ll start to shine on the out! A gleaming coat and skin will be proof that a healthy diet is all your furry friend needs. Say goodbye to itchiness and hot spots and even ailments like ear infections (is it more related to diet than you might realise).

When your pet begins to feel better after ridding himself of these common illnesses, he’ll be as good as new and as energetic as a puppy. Junk food affects both humans and pets the same way – it leaves us feeling sluggish and heavy after.

Image Credit: Travel and Roll, Cocoton, CC (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/)