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Pet Weight Loss with The Honest Kitchen

Pet obesity is a rising trend in today’s society – in fact, veterinarians estimate that nearly half the pet population in the world is overweight. There are two main causes of obesity: food intake and the lack of exercise. Even if your pets are not eating more than they should, most pet foods are becoming increasingly higher in calories.


Feeding Low Fat Foods

The Honest Kitchen’s Preference base-mix recipe is naturally low in fat – 6.0% only – with 12% of protein and 333 calories per cup, pet owners have the freedom to choose the ideal source of protein to be added in together. Preference is made with ingredients such as dehydrated sweet potatoes, organic alfalfa, spinach, pumpkin, organic kelp, honey and other nutritious ingredients. It’s a great option for dogs that require lower levels of gluten and those that are allergic to poultry.


Feeding Less Carbs


Nowadays, it’s common knowledge that dogs and cats do not really need a lot of carbohydrates, and neither are their GI tracts designed to process an overload of processed foods or an excess of grains. The Honest Kitchen’s Force recipe is perfect because it is gluten-free, made with free-range chicken and fresh produce like potatoes, celery, and green beans.

Alternatively, Embark  is another gluten-free recipe made with cage-free turkey, celery, spinach and apples. It is higher in protein and fat and is a great option for puppies, pregnant and nursing adults, or dogs that need a performance dog diet.


Follow the “Less Active” Column

On every bag of The Honest Kitchen dehydrated pet food, there are feeding guidelines and on it you will find instructions on how much to feed your pet based on his or her activity level. For weight loss, it is recommended that you follow the “Less Active” option and split the portion into two feedings.

To compensate for the lesser amount of food, you can add more water than stated. This will make more of a soupy meal that will keep your pet fuller for longer, without the extra calories.


Check with your Vet

Bear in mind though, that the feeding instructions on all The Honest Kitchen pet foods are just suggestions; the actual amount your pet needs will be specific to his or her metabolism and other factors such as age and activity levels. A discussion with your vet will allow you to figure out what your pet needs in a safe and controlled manner. It also helps to do a full body check up to see if your pet does not suffer from underlying medical conditions contributing to weight gain.


Exercise, exercise, exercise

Image credit to: SheknowsCanada

A good diet plan always needs to include exercise; make sure your pet gets his or her daily walks or playtime to work out. If your pet is normally inactive, start off slow and work your way up to a comfortable activity level.


Less Treats

Pet treats are equivalent to human junk food, and we all know how unhealthy it can be for ourselves. A great way to cut down on your pet’s calorie intake is to limit the amount of treats or offer healthy options such as raw carrots or bitesized pieces of chicken instead.

So now, time for a healthier lifestyle if your pet needs a diet 😉



Image Credit: PSJeremy, fat-dog1, CC (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)