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Herbal White Shampoo

Roots Herbal White Shampoo is a non-irritating, high quality shampoo specifically developed for white and light colour coats.

Roots Herbal White Shampoo is a natural herbal pet shampoo formulated with whitening pro-active substances from traditional herbs such as Indigofera Trinctora Plant and Horse Chestnut Tree. It has been specially designed to be 100% free of bleaching agents, thus can be used on both white and coloured pets.

Recommended Retail Price

RH-20030 Roots herbal shampoo - herbal white 500ml $ 20.00
RH-20031 Roots herbal shampoo - herbal white 5000ml $ 100.00


– Indigofera Tinctora Lin (It contains indigo pigment, an ancient blue coloring substance. It is an effective whitening agent from plant and has been used from ages).

– Horse Chestnut Tree (Contains characteristic shinny inflorescence substance when integrated with indigo dye leaving the coat shiny and brighter. It also possesses anti-inflammatory  and anti metastatic properties for good health of pet’s skin and hair).

– Butterfly Pea (A common traditional folk medicinal herb widely used in hair preparation. Its flowering extract has anti-inflammatory properties and will improve blood circulation at the hair roots).