Biological Remedies & Food Supplement for Pets

Supracell - Specialist in homeopathic products for pets

Natural remedies are in rising demand - especially among pet owners. Alternative treatment for our beloved pets are more and more sought after. Homeopathy and other alternative forms of therapy offer both excellent possibilities of keeping our pets healthy naturally as well as cure the underlying causes of sickness.

SUPRA-CELL, the family-owned company was formed in 1986. It has established itself in a special field of animal medicine: production and distribution of biological remedies. The company founder, Dr. Bertold Schell, devoted himself in the 1960s as one of the first veterinarians to homeopathy and had great success. His daughter, Christine Schell, continues the development of the product range and the continuous expansion of the company together with her employees. The company is located in Rastatt (near Karlsruhe) and produces products for carrier pigeons, birds, small rodents, dogs and cats and has been offering Bach flower remedies for pets since 2003.

Bach Flowers Remedies

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Homeopathy For Dogs & Cats

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Homeopathy For Rodents

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Schuessler Salts

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