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Why Cats Love to Cuddle

It is no doubt that cats make wonderful pets! Despite having a reputation for being aloof, there are cats that love snuggling with their owners at any time of the day. Although not rare, cuddling is certainly not something you can expect from every furry feline you meet. If you have a cat that loves snuggling next to you, and you are curious to find out why it behaves this way, you have come to the right place! Let’s take a look at several reasons for this behaviour and understand your cat better.

Staying Warm
Many cats have thick coats of fur, but this doesn’t mean that they are fond of cold weather. In the wild, cats keep themselves warm by hiding under vehicles, inside hollowed trees or in holes in the ground. Domestic cats would potentially hide under the bed, climb under the blankets or snuggle with you, getting warmth from your body heat. This is how cats seek shelter from cold weather.

It goes beyond a cat cuddling you just because your warmth makes them feel comfortable. Mammals are known to be able to regulate their body temperature. However, this process consumes energy, and cats found a way to save that energy – by cuddling with their owners.

For Safety
Some cats may appear to be fierce and gutsy on the outside, but deep down inside, they are actually timid little furballs! They often run and hide at the sound of loud noises, dogs or strangers. If they recognise you as the alpha of the house, there is a high possibility that it will run to you when it feels threatened. Many cats will jump onto your lap and bury their head into your embrace when they are feeling scared, and they could cuddle with you till they have determined that the danger is gone.

Your cat might not have encountered anything predatory in their life, but it would still have a survival mechanism in them. In order for them to feel safe while the house is quiet and everyone is asleep, your cat might cuddle up close to you. They understand that their humans will not hurt them and could possibly offer protection, as you make them feel safe.

Craving Attention
Your cat may attempt to snuggle with you to get your attention if they feel that you have been neglecting them. This could happen while you are using the computer or watching the television. By climbing onto your lap and laying on you, your cat is anticipating that you will switch your focus to it. If your cat failed to grab your attention, it might even resort to aggressive tactics like laying on your keyboard or swatting at you, possibly calling out to you for attention.

There are cats who aren’t afraid of approaching strangers. It would cuddle, purr or even rub itself against them, despite meeting them for the very first time. It could be possible that cats understand that they can trade affection for things like snacks and petting. They could have discovered that if they act cute and cuddly enough, humans will adore and spoil them.

Feeling Anxious or Had a Bad Kitten Hood
Anxious cats often display clingy behaviour which could include excessive cuddling, and refusal to leave your side. Cat anxiety is often accompanied by behaviours such as scratching, extreme meowing, or unnecessary grooming. Cuddling might be adorable, but only in moderation. Excessive behaviours could indicate an underlying problem that is damaging your cat’s well-being.

Cats who were orphaned as kittens, or abandoned as adults tend to be way more cuddly and clingy compared to other cats. The chances of them experiencing separation anxiety greatly increase, and they would attempt to make up for it by invading your personal space with cuddles and snuggles persistently. If you suspect that your cat has anxiety or that their past trauma is damaging your cat’s well-being, you should consult a vet for advice, and for possible treatment or therapy.

Some cats prefer to communicate at a distance while having their own personal space, where they are contented just being in the same room as their owners, rather than being constantly stroked and cuddled. It is important to give them the time and space they need to feel safe and confident. By allowing them to lead their interactions with us, we are essentially giving our cats the choice to be able to tell us what they need, rather than us deciding for them. Never force any kind of interaction on them as they may find this stressful and frightening.

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